UCSF Center for Advanced Technology

The Center for Advanced Technology (CAT) is a part of the Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of California, San Francisco. Our primary mission is to support research labs at UCSF through the resources that we host, but other academic and biotechnology organizations are welcome to use our facility through prior arrangements.

The resources found at our facility typically would be beneficial to multiple research groups, rather than be limited to one group. We have available standard research equipment such as Q-PCR machines, pipeting robots, a NanoDrop spectrophotometer, and a variety of plate readers. We take pride in providing more specialized equipment such as a contact microarray printer, 50 watt laser cutter, and 3D printers. We are especially interested in hosting cutting edge technology found in equipment such as the Illumina MiSeq, HiSeq 4000, NovaSeq 6000, BioRad QX200 digital PCR system, Biodesy Delta, and Labcyte Echo 525. Our staff provides support and training for all of our resources.

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