UCSD Screening Core

The UCSD Screening Core provides infrastructure and consulting expertise for the development and implementation of screening assays in small, medium and high-throughput scale. The Screening Laboratory is located in the 4th floor of the Pharmaceutical Sciences Building (PSB) and has available liquid handlers include a Biomek Fx (Beckman Coulter) platform with Cytomat plate hotel, an Acoustic Transfer System (EDC) for flexible transfer of nano-volumes, Biotek EL-406 (Biotek) with plate stacker for automated dispensing/aspiration and MultiDrop (Thermo Scientific) for liquid dispensing inside the biosafety cabinet. All the instruments are compatible with all plate types up to 1536 wells. Readout instruments include the ImageXpress MicroXL (Molecular Devices) for high-content phenotypic assays and an Envision (Perkin Elmer) for fluorescence or luminescence readouts.

Jair Siqueira-Neto, Ph.D.