UCLA Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR)

The Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR) offers high throughput screening (HTS) services for drug discovery, chemical and functional genomics. Supported are all readouts including high content screening (automated microscopy with image recognition software). It features 200,000 small drug-like molecules for drug discovery and genome wide CRISPR, shRNA, cDNA and siRNA technologies for target discovery and validation. Automation on four fully integrated systems enables running experiments 24/7/365.

The MSSR is an open access environment with investigators from UCLA as well as from the entire globe. Industrial clients are equally welcome as are non-profit entities. The MSSR is unique in its dedicated and ongoing efforts towards high throughput toxicity testing of nanomaterials. In addition, the MSSR engages in technology development eliminating bottlenecks from the HTS workflow and enabling novel assays and readouts currently not available.

With over 3600 sqf of BSL-2+ approved facility estate, a dedicated team of ex-industry experts it is the largest dedicated drug discovery facility in the University of California.


Robert Damoiseaux, PhD