UCLA Macro-Scale Imaging Lab

The Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Shared Facility is assembling a comprehensive collection of instrumentation for macro-scale molecular imaging using fluorescence, near-infrared, life-time and time-gated imaging modalities. The facility proposes to acquire the most established commercial systems for macro-scale imaging which includes the IVIS 200 from Xenogen Inc., the Maestro? (CRI Inc.), the eXplore Optix (ART Inc. and General Electric), VisEn, and the CellVizio as well as custom made prototypes based on new detector technology optimized for qdot detection in deep tissues developed in partnership with CNSI members. The facility will include plans for training of individuals including basic scientists, clinicians, technologists, and support personnel interested in learning the techniques and science of macro-scale imaging including both didactic and hands-on instruction. Through technological research and development, collaborative research (Academia and Industry), services, training and dissemination of advanced fluorescent microscopy techniques, the CNSI Advanced Light Microscopy/Spectroscopy Shared Facility supports the nanoscale research and teaching efforts at UCLA.


For further inquires, contact Shimon Weiss or Laurent A. Bentolila.