UCLA CFAR Humanized Mouse Core

The overall goal of this Core laboratory is to provide the infrastructure, materials, animals, technical expertise and support that will facilitate the use of humanized immunodeficient mice in studies examining the pathogenesis and treatment of HIV-induced disease. Recent advances have enabled the recapitulation of human immune cell development and function in immunodeficient mice.Human hematopoietic tissue is placed in the mice where it undergoes multilineage hematopoiesis into multiple types of human immune cells.The human tissue utilized in these studies is capable of a high degree of experimental manipulation prior to and subsequent to implantation in the mouse and is further susceptible to infection with HIV.This provides a powerful surrogate in vivo model to examine human hematopoiesis, the pathogenic effects of HIV infection, and ways to protect the human immune system from HIV.

Develop and supply immunodeficient mice and “humanized” mouse models to facilitate progress in HIV/AIDS and oncology based research.


Scott Kitchen, PhD
(310) 983-1251