UC Davis Comparative Pathology Laboratory

The mission of the Comparative Pathology Laboratory (CPL) is to provide laboratory animal biologists and basic discovery researchers the highest quality analytical data related to the health of their colony subjects, and projects requiring pre-clinical analysis. If you are in the business of managing research lab animal colonies, especially rodent species, we have a team that can address your questions regarding health monitoring, environment & equipment monitoring, phenotyping of custom bred strains, pathology services, clinical chemistry & hematology analysis related to compound discovery and efficacy.

Please visit our website (http://cpl.ucdavis.edu) for a more complete listing of services. Please inquire about customized analysis profiles, to suit your projects.

Please inquire with the laboratory for current analysis pricing (530-752-2832) or email (cpl@ucdavis.edu). Analysis rates may occasionally be updated usually at the start of the July 1 Fiscal Year.

Main Contact:
Dr. Denise M. Imai-Leonard, Director