UC Davis Metabolomics Core

The West Coast Metabolomics Center (WCMC), located at the University of California, is at the forefront of metabolomic innovation and service. We help researchers at UC Davis and extramural scientists with services, training and collaborative activities in biological and biomedical projects.

Oliver Fiehn

Kelly Paglia

Luis Valdiviez

ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
Untargeted- Primary Metabolism$45.00$69.00$82.00
Untargeted- Complex Lipids$45.00$69.00$82.00
Untargeted- Biogenic amines$45.00$69.00$82.00
Targeted metabolite analyses: targeting bile acids, steroids, eicosanoids / oxylipins, very short chain fatty acids$58.00$82.00$95.00
Biocrates AbsoluteIDQ p180 kit (price of kit + price per sample)$29.00$44.00$53.00