UC Davis Good Manufacturing Practice Laboratory (GMP)

GMP manufacturing facility
Manufacturing of GMP grade / clinical grade products for clinical trial applications
Manufacturing of biologics, cellular and gene therapies, gene therapy vectors and small molecule drug formulations
Regulatory consulting, CMC sections
Quality control on products

Gerhard Bauer
(916) 703 9305

Brian Fury
(916) 703 9306


ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
GMP manufacturing (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Biologics (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Cellular therapies (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Cell based gene therapies (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
AAV gene therapy vectors (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Lentiviral gene therapy vectors (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Retroviral gene therapy vectors (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Small molecule drug formulations (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
Regulatory consulting (per hour)$291.00 $550.00
CMC sections (per test)$291.00 $550.00
Mycoplasma PCR (per test)$291.00 $550.00
14 day sterility (per test)$94.00 $120.79
Endotoxin assay (per test)$297.00 $358.52