UCLA Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR)

The Molecular Screening Shared Resource (MSSR) offers a comprehensive range of leading-edge high throughput screening (HTS) services including drug discovery, chemical and functional genomics, and novel methods for nano and environmental toxicology. The MSSR is an open access environment with investigators from UCLA as well as from the entire globe. Industrial clients are equally welcome as are non-profit entities. The MSSR is a fee-for-service entity and does not retain intellectual property. In conjunction with the Center for Environmental Implications of Nanotechnology, the MSSR is unique in its dedicated and ongoing efforts towards high throughput toxicity testing of nanomaterials. In addition, the MSSR engages in technology development eliminating bottlenecks from the HTS workflow and enabling novel assays and readouts currently not available.

The Molecular Screening Shared Resource was founded in 2004 with internal funding from the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center, and the Departments of Molecular and Medical Pharmacology and Microbiology, Immunology and Molecular Genetics. Its mission was to bring industrial strength drug discovery firepower to the UCLA campus. What started out as a relatively modest operation with one integrated screening system with two plate readers, 30k small molecules and 400 square feet, now occupies over 2000 square feet in the cutting edge California NanoSystems Institute. The MSSR boasts four fully integrated screening systems which include high content screening capabilities, a comprehensive range of functional genomics resources including genome-wide RNAi and cDNA as well as a compound deck of over 200k drug-like small molecules.

Robert Damoiseaux, PhD

ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
Assay Development$3,082.00$582.55$3,082.00
Small molecule screening$2,684.00$507.33$2,684.00
Small molecule screening (addtl.)$3,771.00$712.79$3,771.00
shRNA screening (human - per sublibrary)$2,963.00$560.06$2,963.00
siRNA screening (human)$2,963.00$560.06$2,963.00
siRNA screening (mouse)$2,963.00$560.06$2,963.00
Full genome cDNA screening$2,813.00$531.71$2,813.00
Access to clones (cDNA)$59.00$11.15$59.00
Full technical support (per hour)$32.39$32.36$32.39
Data analysis (per hour)$155.00$29.30$155.00
The MSSR Screening Room