JCCC Genomics Shared Resource / UCLA Clinical Microarray Core

The Technology Center for Genomics & Bioinformatics (TCGB) is a fully automated, high-throughput genomic facility equipped with all major next generation sequencing and microarray platforms. TCGB provides next generation sequencing and microarray-based genomic services, including Whole genome sequencing, Whole Exon Sequencing, Whole Transcriptome Sequencind (RNA-Seq), Small RNA Sequencing (miRNA-Seq), Targeted Resequencing, Methylation Sequencing (Methy-Seq), SNP Genotyping, in a cost-effective and timely manner to serve basic science, translational, and clinical researchers

Xinmin Li

ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
HiSeq 2000/2500 SBS Sequencing v3 PE 2x100 (Per Lane)$2,042.00$1,839.00$2,389.00
HiSeq 2000/2500 SBS Sequencing v3 SR 1x50 (Per Lane)$1,149.00$1,034.00$1,362.00
HiSeq 3000 SBS Sequencing PE 2x150 (Per Lane)$2,500.00$2,250.00$2,925.00
HiSeq 3000 SBS Sequencing PE 2x75 (Per Lane)$1,900.00$1,710.00$2,223.00
HiSeq 3000 SBS Sequencing SR 1x150 (Per Lane)$1,500.00$1,350.00$1,765.00
HiSeq 3000 SBS Sequencing SR 1x50 (Per Lane)$1,278.00$1,150.00$1,500.00
MiSeq SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x150 (Standard Flow Cell)$1,600.00$1,500.00$1,700.00
MiSeq SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x250 (Standard Flow Cell)$1,800.00$1,700.00$1,950.00
MiSeq SBS Sequencing v3 PE 2x300 (Standard Flow Cell)$2,260.00$2,034.00$2,500.00
NextSeq 500 SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x150 High Output$5,709.00$5,309.00$6,320.00
NextSeq 500 SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x150 Mid Output$2,196.00$2,042.00$2,431.00
NextSeq 500 SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x75 High Output$4,065.00$3,780.00$4,500.00
NextSeq 500 SBS Sequencing v2 PE 2x75 Mid Output$1,563.00$1,454.00$1,731.00
NextSeq 500 SBS Sequencing v2 SR 1x75 High Output$2,642.00$2,457.00$2,925.00
Library Prep, Chip-Seq/Methy-Seq$277.00$255.00$303.00
Degraded RNA-Seq Library Construction$320.00$295.00$350.00
Library Prep, DNA-Seq$160.00$145.00$270.00
Library Prep, RNA-Seq$180.00$162.00$290.00
Low Input DNA-Seq Library Construction (<2ng)$327.00$294.50$394.00
Low Input RNA-Seq Library Construction (<100pg)$349.00$314.00$397.00
Small RNA Library Prep$325.00$299.00$357.00
TruSeq Small RNA Prep$299.00$269.00$357.00
Whole Exome Sequencing with Agilent SureSelect Capture (Min. 8x Samples)$370.00$350.00$395.00
Whole Exome Sequencing with Nextera Rapid Capture (Min. 12x Samples)$165.00$150.00$200.00
Whole Exome Sequencing with Roche NimbleGen Capture (Min. 4x Samples)$355.00$327.00$385.00
Whole Exome Sequencing with TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit (Min. 6x Samples)$320.00$290.00$350.00
Data Analysis, Microarray$110.00$100.00$120.00
Data Analysis, Next Generation Sequencing$225.00$208.00$250.00
Human U133plus2.0 Array Hybridization$587.00$540.00$650.00
Affymetrix Cytoscan HD$767.00$706.00$850.00
Affymetrix Array Hybridization (E. Coli, GeneAtlas St, miRNA, or Yeast Genome)$496.00$457.00$550.00
Mouse 430 2.0 Array Hybridization$677.00$623.00$750.00
Rat 230 2.0 Array Hybridizatoin$677.00$623.00$750.00
Nucleic Acid Isolation$45.00$42.00$50.00
Nucleic Acid Isolation from FFPE Slide/Block$90.00$80.00$100.00
Nugen Kit$83.00$75.00$100.00
Nugen Oviation Ultralow Library System DR$327.00$294.50$394.00
Nugen RNA-Seq System$349.00$314.00$397.00
QRT-PCR Analysis/Gene$75.00$67.50$91.00
QRT-PCR Primer Design/Gene$90.00$83.00$100.00
Agilent HS DNA QC (Additional Sample)$27.00$25.00$30.00
Agilent HS DNA QC (First Sample)$55.00$50.00$60.00
Agilent Test DNA/RNA Analysis (Additional Sample)$11.00$10.00$12.00
Agilent Test DNA/RNA Analysis (Additional Sample; Kit Provided)$9.00$8.00$10.00
Agilent Test DNA/RNA Analysis (First Sample)$27.00$25.00$30.00
Agilent Test DNA/RNA Analysis (First Sample; Kit Provided)$18.00$16.00$20.00
Agilent Test DNA/RNA Analysis (One Sample Only)$42.00$38.00$50.00
Custom Service (At Cost)