UCLA Informatics Center for Neurogenetics and Neurogenomics (ICNN)

As with other areas of biomedical science, the post-genome era raises the prospect of transformational advances in neuroscience research. Neuroscience faces special challenges, however, in analysis, interpretation, and management of the vast quantities of information generated by genetic and genomic technologies. The phenotypic and organizational complexity of the nervous system calls for distinct analytical and informatics strategies and expertise. The ICNN will provide advanced analysis and informatics support to a highly interactive user group consisting of neuroscientists at UCLA, who are conducting basic, clinical, and translational research. These investigators have access to excellent facilities for genetics and genomics experimentation; the lack of corresponding resources in analysis and informatics constitutes a bottleneck in their research. ICNN faculty experts in statistical genetics, gene expression analysis, and bioinformatics will oversee the activities of highly-trained staff members who will accomplish three goals:

Providing expert consultation and analyses for neurogenetics and neurogenomics projects;

Developing and maintaining a shared computing resource that will include a computational cluster for computation-intensive analyses, web-servers and state of the art software tools for a wide range of applications (including user-friendly versions of public databases, as well as workstations on which ICNN users will be trained to employ these tools;

Providing hands-on training in analysis and informatics to the users.

Nelson Freimer

Joseph Deyoung

ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
TruSeq RNA Library prep$136.28  
Truseq DNA Library prep $158.57  
Nextera Library prep$137.05  
TruSeq Small RNA prep $240.30  
TruSeq Exome enrichment$80.71  
GoldenGate Genotyping (96 or 384 SNP scale)$37.06  
GoldenGate Genotyping (768 or 1536 SNP scale)$40.27  
GoldenGate Genotyping (3072 SNP scale)$45.07  
Infinium genotyping Omni 5.0$10,762.60  
Infinium genotyping Omni 2.5$7,601.76  
Infinium genotyping Omni 1.0$6,723.76  
Infinium genotyping OmniExpress$10,472.30  
Infinium genotyping CytoSNP-12$2,347.11  
Infinium genotyping Linkage-24$5,994.48  
Infinium genotyping Human Exome$2,707.80  
Infinium genotyping Human Exome semi custom (10K)$3,392.63  
Illumna Gene expression arrays HT-12 v4.0$1,380.42  
Illumna Gene expression arrays Mouse Ref 8 v2.0$1,067.34  
Illumna Gene Methylation arrays Meth 450$7,390.11  
Illumna Gene Methylation arrays Meth 27$6,244.32  
Sequenom iPlex genotyping$2,971.73  
RNA/DNA quantitation$0.88  
qPCR library validation$5.69  
RNA/DNA Library validation/quality assessment DNA$3.19  
RNA/DNA Library validation/quality assessment RNA$3.12  
RNA/DNA Library validation/quality assessment HS $5.40  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 SR 1 x 50$5,255.08  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 SR 1 x 100$7,343.93  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 PE 2 x25$6,954.01  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 PE 2 x 50$9,042.86  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 PE 2 x 75$11,131.70  
HiSeq 2000 SBS sequencing v3 PE 2 x 100$13,220.50  
TruSeq RNA prep with RiboZero$223.99  
Sequence Analysis setup (ICNN)$2,000.00  
Sequence Analysis (ICNN)$210.00  
Sequence analysis Qseq (ICNN)$100.00