UCLA CFAR Virology Core Lab & Tissue Culture/PCR Facility

Provides testing services, blood and blood cell products and other specialized services to research labs working with HIV and related viruses.

Ting-Ting Wu, PhD

Deborah Anisman-Posner

ServiceStandard CostJCCC/CFAR CostExternal Cost
HIV - p24 antigen ELISA (per sample)$9.25$9.25$10.61
Whole blood from Trima filter (1 unit represents > one unit (450+ ml) of whole blood) (per unit)$163.00$163.00$186.84
PBMC (peripheral blood mononuclear cells) (per every 10^8 cells)$55.00$55.00$111.05
Stimulated PBMC (per every 10^8 cells)$60.00$60.00$116.06
Monocytes (plastic adherence) (per every 10^7 cells or 268.6 leukopack)$60.00$60.00$70.51
Monocytes (RosetteSep from StemCell Tech.) (per every 10^7 cells)$150.00$150.00$189.55
Viably Frozen PBMCs (per 10 million cells)$27.00$27.00$43.00
Phlebotomy 0-50 ml draw$53.00$53.00$92.55
Phlebotomy 51-100 ml draw$64.00$64.00$103.54
Phlebotomy 101-150 ml draw$75.00$75.00$117.30
Purification of Primary Cells from Phlebotomy 0-50 ml draw$126.00$126.00$242.03
Purification of Primary Cells from Phlebotomy 51-100 ml draw$166.00$166.00$293.99
Purification of Primary Cells from Phlebotomy 101-150 ml draw$205.00$205.00$344.08
HIV-1 virus propagation and stock preperation (per ml of virus stock)$6.00$6.00$8.77
Virus infectivity Assays (per virus sample)$207.75$207.75$266.64
Antiretroviral drug testing (per drug tested)$413.00$413.00$524.38
Use of Tissue Culture/PCR Facility (per hour)$25.00$25.00$29.32
Unprocessed cord blood (per unit)$45.00$45.00$45.00
Purified cord blood CD34- (by arrangement only) (per unit)$400.00$400.00$401.22
Cryopreserved cord blood CD34+ (by arrangement only) (per unit)$420.00$420.00$421.22
Cryopreserved cord blood CD34- (by arrangement only) (per unit)$420.00$420.00$421.22
Purified cord blood CD34 + (by arrangement only) (per unit)$400.00$400.00$401.22
Flow cytometry analysis of purified cord blood CD34+ (by arrangement only) (per sample)$125.00$125.00$125.84
Real-time PCR on Bio-Rad iQ5 (per hour)$15.20$15.20$19.14
Quantitative PCR Standard Viral Load (per sample)$43.00$43.00$44.36
Quantitative PCR Standard Viral Load (triplicate) (per sample)$52.00$52.00$53.36
qPCR primer/probes cocktail (per 25 reactions)$9.00$9.00$9.84
qPCR standards (per 100 reactions)$6.00$6.00$6.84
Taqman DNA polymerase mix (per 25 reactions)$42.50$42.50$43.34
EDTA-coated capillary tubes (per 10 tubes)$15.00$15.00$15.84
Unprocessed Bone Marrow (per harvest)$300.00$300.00$323.88
Frozen MNCs from Bone Marrow (per 20 million cells)$164.00$164.00$245.34
IU Determination (per virus stock)$211.00$211.00$377.73
Real-Time PCR training and consultation (per trainee)$100.00$100.00$121.76
Administrative late fee for P39 forms (per month)$50.00$50.00$146.14
DNA sequencing (per sample)$128.70$128.70$268.60
PBS Media 500 ml$11.00$11.00$11.00
RPMI Media 500 ml$10.00$10.00$10.00
Growth Media 100ml$31.00$31.00$31.00
Stimulation Media 100 ml$54.00$54.00$54.00
5 + 15 Media 100 ml$15.00$15.00$15.00
Fetal Bovine Serum 500 ml$240.00$240.00$240.00
Ficoll 500 ml$71.00$71.00$89.00
IL-2 1 ml$4.00$4.00$4.00
PHA-P 1 ml$44.00$44.00$52.00