• The Biostatistics Shared Resource (BSR) supports the conception, design, implementation, analysis and reporting of research conducted by members of the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center. In addition, BSR faculty serve as liaisons to each of the cancer center’s Disease-Oriented Teams, keeping abreast of team developments and providing a first point of contact for assistance from the BSR with study design, data analysis, and new grant development.
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  • The Biobehavioral Shared Resource (BBSR) provides a consultative service to assist researchers as they incorporate patient/participant reported outcomes into their projects. This support includes expertise on patient-reported outcome (PRO) instrument selection, PRO instrument development, and consideration for data collection assessment intervals and strategies to obtain valid and reliable PRO data. The BBSR has expanded service to include focus group design and conduct, offered in English and Spanish.

  • NIC is a world-class facility, where we do cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanners. Dr. Steven L. Small, Ph.D., M.D. was recently named Director of the Neuroscience Imaging Center. Because one in four families contains someone diagnosed with a debilitating brain disorder, it becomes imperative that physicians and researchers have effective tools for diagnosis, treatment evaluation, and understanding underlying mechanisms of brain pathology.