• The In-Vivo Functional Onco-Imaging (IVFOI) shared resource supports basic and clinical cancer researchers by providing them with the necessary expertise, imaging instrumentation, and image analysis techniques.

  • Provides in vitro and in vivo DMPK studies, including microsomal and hepatocyte metabolic stability; CYP inhibition and induction; pharmacokinetics; permeability; physicochemical characterization

  • GMP manufacturing facility
    Manufacturing of GMP grade / clinical grade products for clinical trial applications
    Manufacturing of biologics, cellular and gene therapies, gene therapy vectors and small molecule drug formulations
    Regulatory consulting, CMC sections
    Quality control on products

    Gerhard Bauer
    (916) 703 9305

    Brian Fury
    (916) 703 9306

  • The Biological Samples Processing Core (BSPC) offers DNA extractions from whole blood and other tissue types utilizing the Autopure LS nucleic acid purification instrument from Gentra Systems. Extracted DNA can be returned immediately or stored indefinitely at the BSPC in a -20°C freezer, for future use. The core also aliquots DNA at desired concentrations. All samples are logged in the BSPC database and are bar-coded with their sample number and customer's identification code.